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Kennel cough can be one of the most trying conditions for dog owners as well as their furry friends. Once a dog contracts the cough, it will begin hacking frequently as often as every couple seconds. In some cases certain sorts of phlegm and vomit may be hacked up as well.

There are many kennel cough symptoms you can watch for in your dog to help you identify the disease. No one wants to see their dog suffering, and listening to that constant honking like hack can be a huge strain on dog owners, especially those who work from home.

Kennel cough generally only lasts for a couple of weeks, but it’s important to get your dog looked at by an animal doctor as soon as you start noticing any symptoms. It is very common for kennel cough to just be a symptom of a more serious condition your dog may be experiencing such as: heart disease, periodontal disease, chest infections, heartworms, parasites, throat growths, pneumonia, irritations, or allergies.

american eskimo cured from kennel cough

Our Mission

From golden retrievers, to american eskimos, to chihuahuas, every dog is different and requires different treatment depending on their size, breed, situation, and other factors. We don't believe there is one magic remedy, or a silver bullet when it comes to dealing with kennel cough. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive resource online in order to educate people on how to prevent and identify the cough, as well as suggest different options for dealing with it.

If you're wondering what exactly kennel cough is, check out this article to find out exactly what causes this condition, and to have a better understanding of what your dog is going through.

The information on this website is a mixture of personal experiences, and extensive research on identifying, treating, and preventing kennel cough. There have also been some very helpful veterinarians who have added some wonderful information to be used on this site. We hope this website will be informative to you, and help increase the overall knowledge and awareness of kennel cough. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, or questions you may have.

Did You Know?

Every dog is unique and may need a different treatment depending on their age, size and condition.