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Oh brother. Another vaccine? 

Pet owners may cringe at the thought of adding yet another vaccine to the annual vet bills, but Bordetella vaccine cost isn’t as painful as you might think.

The intranasal option is also one of the easiest to administer. No needle, no pinch or prick and in about 5-10 seconds, they’re done!

This kennel cough vaccine guide can provide more clarity on the different options available.

But, how much does the Bordetella vaccine cost?

Generally, you’re looking at between $19-$45 for the shot, but prices vary for all sorts of reasons.

As you already know, kennel cough is a combination of upper respiratory viral and bacterial infections, and Bordetella Bronchiseptica is the bacteria most often to blame. It’s super important to protect your pup, especially if he’s often in contact with other dogs!

Read on to learn more about the Bordetella vaccine, how much it costs, and where you can get it from.

What is the Bordetella Vaccine?

The Bordetella vaccine helps to keep your dog safe from the most common bacterial agent that causes kennel cough in dogs.

Bordetella bronchiseptica, or kennel cough, is a nasty illness for your pup to go through. It causes inflammation of the canine respiratory system, causing horrific honking coughing and exposing your dog’s immune system to other infections.

Although kennel cough isn’t a fatal illness itself, complications can lead to more serious illnesses for…

  • Puppies
  • Senior dogs
  • Immunocompromised dogs

Is the Kennel Cough Vaccine really necessary?

Technically, the Bordetella vaccine is a non-core vaccination.

The veterinarian doesn’t require it, but Bordetella doesn’t cause just any old dog cough; it causes the super contagious infection known as kennel cough.

It’s absolutely essential for your pup to have the kennel cough vaccine if your dog goes to:

  1. Dog parks
  2. Boarding kennels
  3. Doggy daycare
  4. Puppy training classes
  5. Dog shows

Although these places can be super fun for your pet and important for his development, they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Getting your dog vaccinated for kennel cough means he can make new friends and play without the risk of getting sick!

All boarding facilities and doggy daycares require the Bordetella vaccine – and if they don’t, run!

Reputable doggy daycares and boarding facilities will not even consider letting an unvaccinated dog in with other animals. The risks for a kennel cough outbreak in those places are much higher simply because of the number of dogs and the speed at which kennel cough can knock an entire facility down for the count (at least two weeks).

If your dog leads a more sedentary life, sleeping on the couch and playing indoors, he might not need the kennel cough vaccine.

Discuss it with your veterinarian and see if your dog should be vaccinated for kennel cough.

How Much Does the Bordetella Vaccine Cost?

How much does bordetella vaccine costThe Bordetella vaccine can add anywhere from $15 to $40 dollars onto an annual vet visit depending on the veterinarian.

Several factors will influence the cost of the vaccination, such as:

  1. Your dog’s weight
  2. Buying the vaccine individually rather than in a bundle
  3. Where you live
  4. How the vaccine is administered

Your dog’s weight might influence the Bordetella vaccine cost

It makes sense that the dosage for a Bull Mastiff should be different to a Pug, right?

When anticipating the cost of the kennel cough vaccine, bear in mind that your dog’s breed and weight may play a part in the final bill.

Individual bordetella vaccine cost vs. in a bundle

Most vet clinics will offer vaccination bundles that include protection from a number of canine diseases and illnesses, including kennel cough.

Here’s a breakdown of vaccines that can you might be able to get administered in one visit:

Core VaccinationsInitialBoosterNon-Core VaccinationsInitialBooster
Rabies1-2 doses between 6-16 weeks1-3 years laterBordetella bronchisepticaAround 8 weeks, sometimes as early as 3 weeks1 year following the last dose
Canine DistemperLeptospiraTwo doses required 2-4 weeks apart administered from 8 weeks oldSingle-dose 1 year following the last dose
ParvoLyme disease


Where you live might determine the cost of the Bordetella vaccine

Bordetella vaccine costs vary from country to country and state to state. Across America, the cost of living fluctuates dramatically, so bear this in mind when looking for a clinic to vaccinate your pup.

How the vaccine is administered may affect the cost

The Bordetella vaccine can be administered in three ways:

  1. By mouth
  2. Through the nose
  3. By injection

There are pros and cons to each method, including cost, but check out the Bordetella Vaccine Guide for more information.

What’s the Average Cost of Bordetella Vaccine for Dogs?

average cost of bordetella vaccine for dogsCanine College conducted a study where they spoke to several local vets to determine the average cost of the Bordetella Vaccine.

There were huge fluctuations in cost, ranging from $25 – $37 for the vaccination alone.

However, it’s important to remember that a lot of clinics also charge an admin fee for the office visit, and this can be around $50.

How Much Does the Bordetella Vaccine Cost from Petsmart?

How much does bordetella vaccine cost PetsmartAlthough it’s safer to get your dog’s Bordetella Vaccine from a trained veterinarian, you can also purchase the vaccine from approved pet stores like Petsmart.

In 2019, PetSmart partnered with ShotVet, a mobile vaccination provider, to provide pet owners an accessible walk-in facility to get their pet’s vaccinations.

Prices may vary depending on location, but expect to be charged around $30 for a Bordetella vaccine from PetSmart.

Available vaccinations include:

  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Lyme disease
  • Heartworm

It’s important to note that all vaccinations at PetSmart are administered by a qualified professional.

Where to Get the Bordetella Vaccine – 3 Options

Where to get bordetella vaccineIf you’re looking to get the Bordetella vaccine for your canine companion, you generally have 3 options:

  1. Your local vet
  2. A pet store
  3. An online store

There are a number of pros and cons to each option. 

Let’s break them down:

Where to buy the Bordetella vaccineProsCons
Your local veterinarian
  • Peace of mind that a professional is administering the vaccine
  • Support and advice if there are any side effects
  • You get a certificate to show the boarding kennels or doggy daycare
  • Can be more expensive
  • You might face long wait times
A pet store
  • More quick and convenient
  • Higher risk of a bad quality vaccination or side effects
  • Less specialized knowledge than a veterinarian
Online (such as Tractor Supply)
  • Contactless
  • Can be cheaper
  • Administer yourself which may be less stressful for your pup
  • Much higher risk of a dodgy product
  • It may not be effective
  • Your dog may experience side effects

Where Can I Buy the Bordetella Vaccine

Where can I buy bordetella vaccineYou can purchase a kennel cough vaccine:

  • Online
  • From a pet store
  • At your local vets

Although you can vaccinate your dog yourself at home using a vaccine you bought online, it’s highly recommended that you leave this to a specialized veterinarian.

Self-administered over-the-counter vaccines don’t count as legit vaccines on paper. 

A veterinarian is able to provide the official documentation to show that your dog has received the vaccine, which a kennel or dog hotel will need to see before you board your pup.

It’s also worth noting that there are known side effects to the kennel cough vaccine. A trained vet will understand these symptoms and be able to give your dog immediate treatment if anything were to happen.

Please bear this in mind before administering the vaccine yourself!


Now you should have a good idea of what costs to expect when getting your dog vaccinated for kennel cough.

Pet parents may not want to add another vaccine to the list, but oftentimes it is necessary – especially if you want to board your dog at a reputable dog hotel while you go on vacation.

And while it might be tempting to buy a cheap Bordetella vaccine online, you run the risk of it not being effective.

Unless you are a veterinary professional, it is always safer to allow a vet to vaccinate your dog.